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Rise of Flight reduced 75%
Rise of Flight 75% off Sale – Ends Dec 03, 2019

777 Studios/1C Game Studios is having their annual Fall Sale. Currently, ALL airplanes, maps, mods and Steam DLCs are reduced a phenomenal 75% off their regular price. Which means, everything RoF, on sale, adds up to $44.90 US on the Steam store!

If you are a newcomer to RoF wishing to add more planes to you hangar or a veteran wanting to add the remainder of the cockpit gadgets and additional weapons to your maxed out hangar, now is the time.

If you have not tried the Sikorsky S-22 heavy bomber yet, normally the Ilya Muromets add-on lists for $19.99 US but, on sale is $4.99 US from the Rise of Flight store. Ilya Muromets from Steam is $6.24 US and includes the Sikorsky S-22, Albatros D.III fighter, its weapons and field modifications plus, the first Russian fighter the Sikorsky S-16.

Or, if you have not experienced flying over a large body of water the Channel Map is on sale for $2.24 US, normally $8.99 US. The map covers parts of northern France, western Belgium and southern England with the English Channel lying in the middle. The Steam DLC, Channel Battles, content pack opens up a whole new chapter in the world of World War I aviation. It adds a new theater of war and unlocks three new story campaigns. (Be aware that the RoF store Channel Map includes only the map and the Steam Channel Battles does not includes any of the plane add-on mods.)

The Steam DLC includes: Nieuport 28, Fokker D.VII, Fokker DR.1, Pfalz D.XII, Sopwith Camel, S.E.5a and the legendary Felixstowe F.2a - gigantic flying boat.

Also, added is a new pilot career over the Channel Map and Special “Channel Battles” mission-set featuring the Felixstowe flying boat.

Finally, you will unlock the Hat in the Ring, the Du Doch Nicht and the St. Mihiel historical campaigns.

Please note that the Free-to-Play game is the same no matter if you download it from the Rise of Flight website or from Steam. BUT, once you purchase a DLC from Steam you are committed to buying all add-ons from Steam. Likewise, if you purchase additional planes from the Rise of Flight store you are bound to buying all planes from the Rise of Flight website. (You are unable to mix and match Steam and RoF Store content!)

No matter if you buy from Steam or the RoF website both versions can play together when flying on the Rise of Flight multiplayer servers.

Remember this sale ends December 03, 2019 so, take advantage of it.

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