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    Sad News

    Hi, Dixieflyer,Chief was one of the gentle souls in the RoF community. I witnessed his calming abilities around the forums on numerous occasions. Yes, he has been and will continue to be missed aro...
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    Sad News

    I have been away from the RoF community for a few years now. I thought to wander over, and was saddened by this. Chief and I had some great talks offline, online in game, and on the old forum. What...
    Posted by dixieflyer 2 weeks ago
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    JG1_Hotlead's official Twitch Stream thread!

    Salute gents! Here is the German livestream from last Thursday: Thursday was a fun night! Our numbers, while still not up to full strength, were higher th...
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New Wings was established as a community project to help new pilots transition to multi-player. New Wings is run by volunteers and is open to all willing to follow the few simple rules and participate in a considerate environment.

There are no Global Statistics activated on the New Wings Basic Training server, so it is possible to practice without affecting the 'Stats" on the "Leaderboard" for Rise of Flight. You can learn new planes, practice dog-fighting, etc, and put these skills to use later in a "Max-Realism" server such as New Wings Wargrounds.

Assistance in learning is available for those seeking it. Notifying the New Wings team that you would like one-on-one training is best accomplished through a Private Message on the official Rise of Flight forum or by Registering on the New Wings website and using the forum there. 

New Wings Teamspeak3 Server 

  • (No Port Address)

New Wings Dedicated Servers 

  • NEW WINGS - Basic Training --> Non PvP server for aircraft familiarization and practice

  • NEW WINGS - Fast and Furious --> PvP Dogfight server which allows icons and other aids

  • NEW WINGS - Wargrounds --> Full Realism PvP server. No pilot aids allowed.

Considerate behavior is expected from everyone. If you are addressed by the New Wings Moderator, you are expected to respond as directed. The Moderators are indicated by the "-NW-" tag before their name. Ignoring a Moderator will result in a "Kick" to get your attention. 

  • Vulching 

    Vulching is the practice of loitering near the enemy player airfield(s) with the goal of shooting aircraft that are newly spawned, taking off, or landing.

    Vulching is allowed in certain missions on specific airfields that are targets in the mission description. Vulching IS NOT allowed in Areas not specified as target objectives - these are for training purposes for new pilots unprepared for PvP combat.

  • Shoulder Shooting

    Shoulder shooting occurs when one pilot is actively attacking an enemy target and another friendly pilot attacks the same target from behind the first attacker (ie. shooting "over his shoulder").

    Shoulder shooting is heavily frowned upon. New Wings is based upon sportsmanship and learning team play. Pilot Etiquette on our servers is an important part of our moderation and shoulder shooting will be enough reason to kick pilots, and even ban them for continual violators of this principle.

  • No profanity

    Profane language and rude behavior will not be tolerated.

  • Harrassment

    Harrassment of players and/or -NW- staff will not be tolerated.
Pilot aids are minimal and can be turned off. The only exception to this is the Navigation Icons, which are a server setting and cannot be deactivated. In certain servers (Basic Training), Automatic Mixture and Radiator are enabled by default to help newer pilots. They will show as "RM" in the upper right of the screen. Pilots may turn these aids off and manage their engines manually by pressing Shift-R (Radiator) and Shift-M (Mixture).

  • Simple Gauges 

    The simple gauges are activated or deactivated by using the "Right Control and "i" keys on the main keyboard. Because the simple gauges are available as a server setting, the 3 small gauges normally seen are not able to be employed.

  • Player Icons 

    Player Icons can be activated or deactivated using the "i" key. Player icons consist of the small aircraft icon, plane description and arrows at the edge of the screen. These are helpful for those learning the different aircraft and the flow of combat. These are best turned-off in order to develop better situational awareness and prepare for the Max-Realism servers.

The ability for real-time communication is a tremendous asset when learning to fly. Instructions can be understood promptly and corrections can be made in short order. Flying as part of a group is also easier with VOIP because you can be made aware of a changing situation by team-mates and likewise warn others of a threat. Additionally, the chance to actually make friends to fly with gives added incentive to installing voice communication. 

You will need speakers or a headset to listen to TeamSpeak. These are minimum requirements. However, a microphone allows you to also enter the conversation, and a headset is better than normal speakers - preventing echoes and other interference.

Also, it is highly recommended to get a comfortable pair of headphones with an integrated microphone. An in-line (on the cord) mute/volume control can also be extremely helpful. Headsets that fit around the ears tend to be more comfortable for longer periods of time and have better sound as well.

The Guidelines apply to the New Wings Server Chat, Teamspeak and Website - these are moderated and the guidelines are enforced. One warning will be issued to make sure the rule is understood. If it happens again the player will be kicked and/or banned, depending on circumstances. 

Anyone banned will have to appeal to a New Wings administrator to be allowed to return. Willingness to behave appropriately in the future make a 2nd chance possible. Depending upon circumstances, permanent Banning for a player can happen. 



Username or Email:


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[ ] "The most important thing in fighting was shooting, next the various tactics in coming into a fight and last of all flying ability itself." - William Bishop


Any donations made are applied strictly for the upkeep of our web site and game servers with our sincere thanks for your kindness and generosity.

Our Great 2019 Supporters
Thank You!

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