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    CAMEL vs DR 1

    Thanks, Scud for locating this video and posting it.Some very good nostalgic information.Well done.~Jarvis
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    JG1_Hotlead's official Twitch Stream thread!

    Thanks for the 2 sorties, HotLead.These are good videos for the new guys to watch and learn from.Good team work on the first mission with Phil, Guymemer & JoKeR.The second is a good case of how a g...
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    JG1_Hotlead's official Twitch Stream thread!

    Yesterday's Bloody April campaign was a rousing good time! I got to fly with Phil, Joker, and GUYNEMER in SPAD 7 150s. The weather was very overcast, with lots of fog to go around, so visibility wa...
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Lesson demonstrating how to perform the Split-S in Rise of Flight.

An example of its use in combat is also included. Split-S Proceedure.
Roll inverted. Pull back on the stick to perform a half loop. Level out.

Use of the Split-S when you want to trade altitude for speed.

Split-S Proceedure

Roll inverted
Pull back on the stick to perform a half loop
Level out

Use of the Split-S

When you want to trade altitude for speed
As an evasive maneuver for defense
As an attack from above for offense

The first Split-S I’ll show is a standard roll, it’s not aggressive.

Standard Split-S

Roll inverted
Pull back for a half-loop
Level out

So we get ready, we roll inverted, we pull back on the stick, perform a half-loop and then level out. We have now lost altitude and we’ve gained extra speed.

Snap Roll into Spit-S

Yank the stick to the 7:00(roll left) or 4:00(roll right) position
Once inverted, apply full opposite rudder
Then pull back

To pull into the snap-roll you have to yank into the 7:00 or 4:00 position, and once your inverted you have to apply full opposite rudder, and then pull back. Doing the Split-S this way completes the maneuver faster and is more aggressive. External views

Combat Example: S.E.5a

2 aircraft on my 6 just shooting at me, some ?jenking? maneuver here to avoid getting hit. I’m in trouble at this point, trying to use the superior roll rate, get into a Split-S nice and fast, get out of their sight underneath their 6, then extend.

That was the Split-S maneuver

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