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    Sad News

    Hi, Dixieflyer,Chief was one of the gentle souls in the RoF community. I witnessed his calming abilities around the forums on numerous occasions. Yes, he has been and will continue to be missed aro...
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    Sad News

    I have been away from the RoF community for a few years now. I thought to wander over, and was saddened by this. Chief and I had some great talks offline, online in game, and on the old forum. What...
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    JG1_Hotlead's official Twitch Stream thread!

    Salute gents! Here is the German livestream from last Thursday: Thursday was a fun night! Our numbers, while still not up to full strength, were higher th...
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Video demonstrating how to enter right and left hand spins as well both spin recovery techniques required for the Sopwith Camel in Rise of Flight.

The right hand spin recovery is the standard for a spin, however due to the flight model the Sopwith Camel requires a special recovery for a left hand spin. The Sopwith Camel requires two different spin recover techniques.

Spin Entry Procedure:
1. Increase and maintain pitch attitude ti induce a stall
2. Apply rudder in desired direction of spin

Note: The Sopwith Camel requires two different spin recover techniques
(until the flight model is fixed)

Sopwith Camel Right Hand Spin Recovery:

1. Throttle to idle
2. Stick forward to pitch nose down
3. full left rudder


Sopwith Camel Left Hand Spin Recovery:

1. Throttle to idle
2. Rock the stick back and forth to get the nose down
3. Full right rudder


You need to be careful with pulling out of spins, because if you pull our of then too tightly, you will enter another spin.

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