IMMELMAN TURN (in WWI context)

Video demonstrating the Immelman turn.

This is known as the Hammerhead stall in modern times but Rise of Flight is a WWI simulator so we kept the original name and maneuver for it. Immelman Proceedure: Pull up vertical. Look to see if wings are perpendicular to the horizon. Apply full rudder as you begin to stall.

Immelman Proceedure

Pull up vertical
Look to see if wings are perpendicular to the horizon
Apply full rudder as you begin to stall

This maneuver is known as the “Hammerhead Stall” these days, but in WWI it was called the Immelman.

Immelman in WWI = Hammerhead Stall

1. Ensure sufficient speed for a climb
2. pull back to begin the climb
3. pull up until you get vertical
4. Check wings to ensure they are perpendicular to the horizon
5. Add full rudder as the aircraft stalls in the direction you wish to dive
6. opposite rudder as you level out

That’s how you perform an Immelman turn

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