Lesson demonstrating how to zero your sights which will help make you more accurate with your aircraft. Se5e is used on this video lesson to show how to use gunsights properly. To zero your sight you need to memorize the Head Movement Controls

Zeroing is fire and adjustment to improve accuracy Zeroing is the adjustment of your gunsight view, which allows you to have a more accurate shot. To zero your sight you need to memorize the Head Movement Controls: Insert – Forward Home – Back Page Up – Up Page Dn – Down Delete – Left End - Right Zeroing Proceedure 1 Adjust to center 2. Zoom in to max 3. Fire and adjust 4. Zoom out 5. F10 to save Alright we’re starting off in the S.E.5a with a bad view position, we’re going to zer0 this; so we need to move our head back (Home key) and to the left (End Key). Once that is the case and we are roughly in the center, we cock the weapon, start firing, and we zoom in (to the max), By doing this we can see accurately where our tracers are going, and we want it to be on the tip of the aldis sight there. So we just start firing, move the mouse to make sure it’s in the center of the screen, keep firing and then we just adjust. So, just fire and adjust a bit., fire and adjust a bit. So once you’re satisfied, that looks pretty good, nice and centered, we zoom all the way out and press F10 to save our Zero’d view. Here are a couple of a few different sight pictures. Sopwith Dolphin Fokker DR.1 Pfaltz D.XII That’s how you zero your sights.

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