Lesson demonstrating how overcooling damages the engine in Rise of Flight. Also included are the correct radiator settings for inline engines to prevent overcooling. Performed in a DVIIF. Manfred von Richthofen,a close friend of Anthony Fokker, also took its prototype to a trial flight and noted some of its minor flaws, particularly certain instability in long dive, which was later fixed.

Aircraft: DVIIF (Test) Height: 3300m Radiator:100%-open Watch how as the temperature decreases, so does the maximum available Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) and RPM redline. Watch here as the engine over cools the redline will start to drop reducing your max RPM and max top speed. The slower redline has a bad affect on your engine, when you decide to open it up to full throttle, going over the max RPM will eventually destroy your engine. This loss of maximum RPM occurs in all aircraft as the engine cools. The lower the max RPM, the lower the RPM needed to destroy your engine by over-revving. To prevent this RPM loss keep your engine above 60 degrees using the following radiator settings: Optimal Radiator Settings (1 meter = 3 feet) Height: 1000-3000m Radiator: 50% open Height: 4500m Radiator: 30% open Height: 6000m Radiator: 10% open These settings will maintain your engine at optimal temperature to avoid over cooling and RPM loss.

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