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    Sad News

    Hi, Dixieflyer,Chief was one of the gentle souls in the RoF community. I witnessed his calming abilities around the forums on numerous occasions. Yes, he has been and will continue to be missed aro...
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    Sad News

    I have been away from the RoF community for a few years now. I thought to wander over, and was saddened by this. Chief and I had some great talks offline, online in game, and on the old forum. What...
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    JG1_Hotlead's official Twitch Stream thread!

    Salute gents! Here is the German livestream from last Thursday: Thursday was a fun night! Our numbers, while still not up to full strength, were higher th...
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Lesson demonstrating how to extinguish a flamed engine in Rise of Flight. By extinguishing a flamed engine you prevent yourself from burning to death and the destruction of your aircraft. To extinguish an engine fire you need to begin a high speed dive, with a bit of rudder added, because as your speed increases the flames will extinguish.

Extinguishing a Flamed Engine 1. Begin a steep dive 2. apply left/right rudder 3. maintain speed over 250km/hr 4. recover gently from dive once fire stops To extinguish an engine fire you need to begin a high speed dive, with a bit of rudder added, because as your speed increases the flames will extinguish. If you’re on fire you need to act fast or else you will end up burning to death or the aircraft will be destroyed. You risk burning to death or having the engine fall off and destroy the wings in a HP. Alright, swap to the gun position and shoot the engine to flame it. Engine is now flamed, so we swap back and we begin our dive. We add a bit of rudder as well. As the speed increases you can see in the window that the flames will start to dissipate. We just passed 140, and now the flames are out. So, because of our high speed we have to pullout very gently, or else we will rip our wings off. This is an example of fixed motion a fire in a scout. Alright, in the Spad here, about to get shot from behind and I will start flaming, so I’ve been shot and wounded. The engine’s on fire so I immediately start a dive. Get the speed up and then apply the rudder to keep the flames off me, I’m slowing burning as this is happening. Eventually the fire’s out and I’ve stopped being wounded and we can level out. 1. Steep dive 2. Rudder 3. Speed>150mph 4. Recover gently Need a lot of altitude to dive and maintain high speed. Some aircraft can’t reach this peed without breaking up. I will show you from external view. As you can see, it’s the exact same process as in the HP Bomber. As soon as you get on fire, you need enough altitude to get your speed up and maintain that speed, in order to extinguish the fire. Now bear in mind that you won’t be able to achieve this speed in every aircraft, simply because some of them loose their control surfaces at such high speeds. But, the majority of the aircraft you should be able to pull it off. That’s how you extinguish engine fires.

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