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    Sad News

    Hi, Dixieflyer,Chief was one of the gentle souls in the RoF community. I witnessed his calming abilities around the forums on numerous occasions. Yes, he has been and will continue to be missed aro...
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    Sad News

    I have been away from the RoF community for a few years now. I thought to wander over, and was saddened by this. Chief and I had some great talks offline, online in game, and on the old forum. What...
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    JG1_Hotlead's official Twitch Stream thread!

    Salute gents! Here is the German livestream from last Thursday: Thursday was a fun night! Our numbers, while still not up to full strength, were higher th...
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Lesson explaining Cold Engine starts and the Blip switch in Rise of Flight. Cold Engine starts are for Inline engines only & The Blip Switch is available on Rotary engines only. You do this by starting the engine, closing the radiator, and letting it warm up for a few minutes to increase temperature. Rotary Aircraft do not need to be warmed up. Inline Engines need a warmup

You will need to do Cold Engine starts if “Warmed Engines” option is unchecked. Start engine, closed radiator, warm up for a few minutes Watch Reline increase as temperature increases Time acceleration = 4x normal Rotary Aircraft do not need to be warmed up Inline Engines need a warmup You do this by starting the engine, closing the radiator, and letting it warm up for a few minutes to increase temperature. Alright, so we have a cold engine here, it’s at zero (0°), so what we do is we start the engine, and we have our radiator completely shut, in order to keep the heat in the engine, and we optimize the RPM (revolutions per minute) to just below 1000. Now it’s important to know that rotary aircraft do not need to be warmed up, you can just turn on the engine and go. Where as if you have to warm up a cold engine, only inlines need it ti be done. As you can see the redline has changed it started out below 1500 and now it’s slowly working it’s way up. That correlates to the increase in engine temperature. Now if you remember from the Over-Cooling video, how the RPM redline dropped as the temperature dropped; what we’re doing is we are counter-acting that essentially, whereby keeping our radiator shut. So, if you are at high altitude or if your engine temperature is low, if you shut in your radiator and bring the engine temperature up, you can increase that RPM redline. So after about 5 minutes, your engine temperature is increased, your redline is increased and you can apply full throttle for take off with our fear of damaging your engine. Ok, now I’m going to explain the “Blip Switch” Controls ignition of engine cylinders Essentially turns engine off while depressed, and when released the engine restarts Uses: Help in Turns RPM for Dives RPM for Landing The engine controls the ignition of engine cylinders so essentially it turns the engine off when it’s depressed and when released, the engine restarts. The Blip Switch is only available in rotary aircraft, So let’s have a look, it’s a little button there on the control column, I press it and the engine turns off, when I release the engine comes back on. So, let’s watch the RPM when I depress it and hold it; it goes all the way down, and I release it to re-ignite the engine. Now there’s different uses for the Blip Switch, You can use it to help you initiate a turn or when your in a steep dive, and you want to keep your engine RPM up high without using the throttle. Or, if the engine doesn’t have a throttle you can do it that way, and you can also use it as a landing aid. So, that’s explaining Cold Engine Starts and the Blip Switch.

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