Familiarization with an Spad XIII C1.

French pilots were eager to receive this plane. The second machine-gun increased firepower and the new engine made it fly and climb faster. Controls remained effective even at high altitudes. In a dive and level flight, the SPAD XIII was one of the fastest of the war. Pilots liked to say, "it dives faster than the wind!"

Engine startup

1. Radiator open;
2. Mixture fully rich; throttle idle;
3. "E" to start engine.(default key)

Take Off:

4. Lean mixture slightly;
5. Close radiator slightly;
6. Advance throttle to full while rolling;
7. There is a tendency to move to the right as you take off.

Included standard guages

Altimeter (m)(far right),
Speedometer (km/h)(second to the right),
Clock (centre),
Engine temperature (fourth from right) ,
Fuel guage (on cockpit floor) and compass (cockpit floor, left)
Tachometer (second from left)

Max RPM: 2200
Endurance: (Combat) 1h.30
(Cruise) 3h.00

This Lessons has been provided with the great help of =IRFC= Requem

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