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    CAMEL vs DR 1

    Thanks, Scud for locating this video and posting it.Some very good nostalgic information.Well done.~Jarvis
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    JG1_Hotlead's official Twitch Stream thread!

    Thanks for the 2 sorties, HotLead.These are good videos for the new guys to watch and learn from.Good team work on the first mission with Phil, Guymemer & JoKeR.The second is a good case of how a g...
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    JG1_Hotlead's official Twitch Stream thread!

    Yesterday's Bloody April campaign was a rousing good time! I got to fly with Phil, Joker, and GUYNEMER in SPAD 7 150s. The weather was very overcast, with lots of fog to go around, so visibility wa...
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Familiarization with an Pfalz D.XII.

Pilots noted good cockpit visibility, especially vertically down, and in a dive was faster than the Fokker D.VII. On June 30 1918 the plane entered service with combat squadrons.It was often used in combination with Fokker D.VII, usually operating at a lower altitude than the better climbing Fokker D.VII.

Engine startup:

1. Radiator: open
2. Altitude throttle: idle,
3. Throttle: idle. (Automixture)
4. Press "E" to start.

Take off:

5. Full throttle,
6. Correct with rudder.

Standard Gauges:

Tachometer (between the guns) (max rpm 1600),
Fuel Gauge (cockpit floor behind the stick.).

Max RPM:1600
Endurance: (combat) 1h.32
(cruise) 4h

This Lessons has been provided with the great help of =IRFC= Requem

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