Familiarization with an Fokker D.VIIF.

Pilots noted good climb speed, excellent cockpit visibility, stability in maneuvers, good handling at low speeds. During service it became clear that water radiator doesn't cool the engine sufficiently. After modifying radiator facing, engine cowling and increasing airflow through the cylinders this problem was fixed.

Engine Start Up

1. Radiator fully open; altitude throttle idle;
2. "E" to start the engine.


3. Close radiator slightly,
4. Full throttle,
5. Correct with rudder to keep straight whilst rolling

Standard Gauges

Fuel guage(between guns),
Bullet counters(left of each gun),
Tachometer (centre)(max RPM: 1600),
Altimeter (far right) (in metres),
Compass (cockpit floor).
Artificial Horizon (bottom center)

Using Altitude throttle

0-500 metres-none;
500m 1/3;
1000m 2/3;
1500m full

Max RPM: 1600
Endurance: (combat) 1h.42
(cruise) 4h.26

This Lessons has been provided with the great help of =IRFC= Requem

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