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Rise of Flight's Three Free Airplanes

31 May 2019 : 23:26  |  -NW-Jarvis  |  Rise of Flight  |   0
How to fly the Nieuport 17.C1 RUS
Rise of Flight’s Three Free Airplanes

This month I am beginning a three parts series highlighting each of the airplanes included with the “Free-to-Play” copy of Rise of Flight. I will provide a short history of the airplane, specifications, familiarization and take-off/landing video procedures to help new cadets ease into the virtual cockpit.

The airplane this month is the Russian built: Nieuport 17.C1 RUS

This French designed plane is the model licensed to and manufactured by Dux in Moscow. The plane is very similar to its French variant but, contained some pine wood parts rather than spruce, linen was used in place of silk for portions of the wing coverings and Le Rhone engines were imported. The Nieuport 17.C1 RUS saw war service from August 1916 thru August 1917. By then more advanced airplanes such as the Albatros DIII, Sopwith Camel and Spad 7 were beginning to supplant it.

The Nieuport 17 advantages were that it had a narrower lower wing (called a: sesquiplane configuration) about one-half as wide as the top wing. Its purpose was to provide better maneuverability than a conventional biplane, a better downward visibility and a better climb rate with a more powerful engine. It also had better armament. (Technological advancements changed on a month-to-month basis so, take into account the time period.)

Engine: Le Rhone 9J, 110 hp, 9 cylinder rotary {air cooled – no radiator necessary}

Dimensions: (note: for us metrically challenged I have included the Imperial values, too)
Height 240 cm 7.9 ft.
Length 580 cm 19. ft.
Wing Span 816 cm 26.8 ft.
Wing Surface 14.75 sq. m 158.8 sq. ft.

Empty 375 kg 827 lbs.
Takeoff 560 kg 1,235 lbs.
Fuel capacity 78 L 20.6 gal. (US)
Oil capacity 20 L 5.3 gal. (US)

Climb Rate:
1000 m 3 min. 06 sec. 3,281 ft. (0.62 statute mile)
2000 m 6 min. 43 sec. 6,562 ft. (1.24 sm.)
3000 m 11 min. 34 sec. 9,842 ft. (1.86 sm.)
4000 m 19 min. 23 sec. 13,123 ft. (2.49 sm.)
5000 m 48 min. 16,404 ft. (3.11 sm.)

Maximum Airspeed (IAS: km/h)
165 @ sea level 102mph @ sea level
155 @ 1000 m 96mph @ 3,281 ft.
145 @ 2000 m 90mph @ 6,562 ft.
132 @ 3000 m 82mph @ 9,842 ft.
117 @ 4000 m 73mph @ 13,123 ft.
95 @ 5000 m 59mph @ 16,404 ft.

Service Ceiling: 5350 m 17,552 ft. (3.3 sm.)

Endurance: @1000m (3,281 ft.)
nominal power (combat) 1 hr. 50 min.
minimal consumption (cruise) 2 hr. 40 min.

Armament: cowl mounted – 1 x Vickers Mk.l 7.69 mm (30 cal.), belt 400 rounds
(Game Mods) – top wing (straight/tilt) - 2 x Lewis 7.69 6 drums @ 97 rounds ea. (582 rounds)
8 Le Prieur Rockets, 4 on each wing strut, High Explosive/Armour Piercing

A few observational notes: This was a light-weight nimble “turn-fighter” type aircraft that performed best below 2000 m (6500 ft).

Now, for homework view the “training films” listed below.
Cockpit familiarization & take-off procedures HERE
Landing procedure HERE

These videos were made without the mods turned on so, the airspeed and altitude indicators were not present in the cockpit. Please use the on-screen “Simple Gauges.” Also, the over-wing Lewis machine guns aren’t mounted.

Extra Credit: Where is the fuel indicator located?

Note: When downloading the game from 777 Studios/1C Game Studios HERE or Steam HERE the field modifications for these three planes are included.



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