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    ATTENTION!!! -- BOS server administrators

    It seems that the V4.005c 362mB patch/hot-fix has corrected the multiplayer map crash problem. The offending map(s) can now be placed back into the map rotation.
    Posted by -NW-Jarvis 1 month ago
  • -NW-Jarvis

    ATTENTION!!! -- BOS server administrators

    It appears that one or more of the multiplayer maps within Battle of Stalingrad may not be compatible with the latest game version update. (V4.005)You may experience server crashes without any prio...
    Posted by -NW-Jarvis 1 month ago
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    Flite Training Vid's

    Hi Pat,Thanks for the Head's-Up.It looks like the original RoF video (created by IRFC-Requiem) has been replaced with a newer video to familiarize pilots with the SPAD XIII as represented in IL2-Fl...
    Posted by -NW-Fourspeed 4 months ago

Flying Circus Update V4.005 08 Apr 20

10 Apr 2020 : 08:58  |  -NW-Jarvis  |  IL2 Sturmovik  |   0
Large 2.0 GB Update
This update is the largest to date and contains 140 changes/updates/bug-fixes.
Approximately 64 – 65 of these apply to the Flying Circus segment of 777/1C Studios IL-2 Sturmovik Great Battles Series flight simulator/game.

Just those changes, updates and bug-fixes specific to Flying Circus would take up so much web-page space that only the number of changes by each category are listed below.

Main Features – 1
Aircraft Damage Model Improvements – 11
General Damage Model Improvements (for all objects in the sim) – 26
AI Improvements – 12
Other Aircraft Changes – 7
Ground and Naval Objects – 4
Other Changes – 3

Please go Here to read the complete, extensive, information.



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