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  • Hey Guys,

    If you're having trouble running RoF (ie. you get a #10027 Error about "Mods On" or "Invalid Packed Files") you need to update your RoF game.

    You may also need to do the update manually (ie. Go into your RoF installation folder, and then --> \ bin \ release directory) and run RoF_updater.exe by double-clicking on it. Several folks have reported that the normal update process just disappears when you try to run that, but manually running the updater seems to work better.

    As of this time, there are no Patch Notes on the RoF forum that mention what was changed, or why. The update appears to be around 2 MB.

    You can find a discussion thread on the RoF Forums about the patch {here}.

    4 ~S!~

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